Update 10/15/2023

The Darrell Road Roundabout at Case and Neville Roads is open to traffic. The contractor’s work is limited to punch list items and remaining landscaping. Work will continue through November with remaining punch list items.

UPDATE 9/21/2023

The contractor completed the Hot Mix Asphalt Surface on 9/18/2023. As work progresses forward, the items to be completed prior to opening the round about include: HMA driveways; shoulder aggregate; landscaping (fertilizer, seed and blanket); fall tree installations; light pole installation; and grooved pavement markings. The lighting service connection from Com Ed will likely be controlling the opening date, as the lighting is required prior to opening the road to traffic. It is anticipated that the Come Ed service connection will be made within 2 weeks.

See below photos from the last week.

Update 09/13/2023

Work completed by the Contractor in August and early September includes: All Excavation; All Concrete Curb, Sidewalk and Stamped Sidewalk; All Underground Electrical Conduit; All Hot Mix Asphalt Binder. The Lake County DOT Crews have installed the signing for the roundabout.  The Landscaping contractor is continuing to install plants, seed and blanket, trees and mulch.  Upcoming work includes: Hot Mix Asphalt Surface, Driveway Pavement, Light Poles and Luminaires, Pavement Markings and Rumble Strips.  The road is still closed to traffic, please follow the posted detour.

UPDATE 8/3/2023

Darrell Road has been closed at Case Road and Neville for close to one month. In that time the contractor has completed the following work in the reconstruction area: pavement removal; earth excavation; installation of new drainage system; installation of geotechnical fabric and aggregate subgrade; installation of concrete curb; installation of asphalt binder.

Work expected in the next month includes but is not limited to: installation of stamped concrete median in the splitter islands and truck apron; concrete sidewalks adjacent to the new roundabout; pavement widening and resurfacing at the north leg of Darrell Road to the project limits; installation of light pole foundations, conduit and wiring; grading for and construction of the bike path.

Below are some progress photos from the job site.

UPDATE 6/28/2023

The Darrell Road Intersection Improvement Project began work in mid-May. Trees were previously cut down by the Lake County DOT Maintenance Department in March 2023. Phase 1 work performed to date includes the following: Erosion Control Measures; Traffic Control and Protection; Stump Removal; Topsoil Stripping; Earth Excavation; Drainage; and Aggregate Subgrade on the new alignment of Case Road. Below are some photos of the progress to date.

The full closure of Darrell Road at Case and Neville Roads will begin on July 5th and will continue approximately 3 months. Please follow the posted Detours. Darrell Road, Case Road and Neville Road will only be open to local traffic. There will not be any through traffic once the detour is in place.